About TechBytes


The TECHBYTES was founded in 2018. It is a technology news website. We try to provide you with the best detailed information about technology and news about upcoming technologies.

What matters to us

The only thing that matters to us is our readers experience. We try to deliver the best articles and news about technology to our readers. We even consider the comments of our readers and improve the website according to it. Tho, the comments are first checked by us and if they are appropriate, then only they are been approved to be displayed. We’d love to hear from you about the flaws and improvements we need to do to the website. 

How we do it

We collect the information from different sources like – official websites, News channels, etc., and combine them to make the best informative article for our readers. We does not believe in the long articles rather we prefer to deliver the best short informative articles, so that our readers does not get bored by reading such long articles. We even give credits to the website from which we have taken information and other media files.

About ads and affiliates 

Right now there are no ads on the website, but in future we will put some ads on the website, so that we can keep going. There are affiliate links on the articles, which provides you the best price for the product. We may earn some commission from that but i assure you that it wont be taken from your pocket. The commission that we would earn from the affiliate links would be given by the companies from where you buy the products. If you have any queries related to ads and affiliate links, you can contact us by sending us an email.

We’d be glad if you contact us and tell us about the improvements we should do to the website.

Thank You