Why did apple ban fortnite?

The problem between Apple and Fortnite started on 13th August, when Epic Games added an In-app Payment method in Fortnite. This in-app payment bypasses the Apple payment system by which Fortnite doesn’t have to pay it’s 30% to Apple. According to Apple this is a violation of Apple’s App Store Review Guidelines. Soon after, Apple ban Fortnite by removing it from App Store.

Apple’s App Store Review Guidelines– It says that, all the apps on app store must go through Apple’s Payment method for in-app purchases. In this way Apple collect its 30% commission and developers are left with 70% of sales from in-app purchases. 

But we’ve seen Apple bending its own rules for some apps like Amazon, Grubhub, Best Buy, Fandango, Uber, Lyft and StubHub, by giving them permission to use direct payment.

Apple ban Fortnite: Epic was prepared for the war

Soon after, Apple removed Fortnite from App Store, Epic released an animated video – which shows Apple’s 1984 commercial ad with a twist and hashtag of #freefortnite

Epic Games even sued Apple by filing 65-page lawsuit against Apple. A week later, Epic also announced an in-game tournament with Anti-Apple prizes and Fortnite cosmetics. Epic was fully prepared for the war against Apple.

After removing Fortnite from app store, Apple threatened Epic by saying “Epic will lose their access to its developer’s account and programming tools”, that are needed to maintain Unreal Engine.

Unreal Engine – It is a game engine (software) developed by Epic Games which is used by many Gaming studios to create graphics for their game. Many games have been developed over Unreal Engine. Some of the famous games are: Valorant, Fortnite, Rocket League, PUBG,etc.  

Apple ban Fortnite: Epic won a temporary restrain order

During the hearing of case filed by Epic Games against Apple, Epic claimed that Apple had intended to cut off Epic’s access to its developer’s account on 28th August (Friday). Even Microsoft came to defend Epic by saying “Unreal Engine is critical technology for numerous game creators including Microsoft”. Epic claims that Apple maintains their monopoly over in-app payments which suppress the free market competition on iOS. 

Finally Epic Games won a temporary restrain order given by Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers, which states that Apple can’t cut off Epic’s access to its developer’s account that is used to support Unreal Engine. But this doesn’t means that Apple has to bring fortnite back to app store. Apple can keep fortnite banned from app store as it has violated apple’s poilicy of in-app payment system.

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